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Name:Nick Matheson
Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Soho, New York, United States of America

Nicholas Seamus Benito Matheson grew up in Jacksonville Florida, but he was born in Orlando when his mom went into premature labor during a trip to Disneyworld. He is half Italian (from his mom's side) and half Irish (from his dad's), but their family have been in America since well before Nick arrived in the world. His Irish side are direct descendants of the New York Mafia that was infamous in the 1920s during Prohibition, and ironically, his Irish side had previously links with the IRA when it was at its peak. He is the oldest of five children, with three younger sisters and one younger brother (Skye three years younger than him, Julia six years younger, Katrina eight years younger, and Harry ten years younger). Even though Nick's parents toyed with sending him away to a private boarding school when he showed significant artistic talent, that he inherited from his mother, an Art Professor with the University of Florida, Nick didn't want to leave Florida that young and ended up going to the local high school in Jacksonville with childhood friend and neighbour, Maggie Gresham. Maggie and Nick were best friends, and she was his first (and only) girlfriend, going all the way to be the one he lost his virginity to.

They didn't progress anywhere beyond high school, though. Nick applied to Florence University of the Arts in Italy and was accepted. He went to Italy and stayed with family while he went to college in Florence to major in Visual Arts and Contemporary Italian Studies. Nick didn't really exactly what he wanted to do for a career, and was more a take a moment for what it was kind of guy. He studied the two things he valued the most - art and the Italian language. It had the potential to open up a lot of doors, but once he graduated, Maggie talked him into trying to get work in New York where she had just scored her first Broadway role (reminiscent for Nick because he had done drama and plays with her in high school). He looked into his options and eventually scored a job as an Italian translator with the New York justice system. He also found a perfect little studio apartment above a little shop that was ideal to operate an art studio from. He now lives the best of both worlds, working as a Translator to make ends meet and doing his art which is his true passion. He is already getting a name for himself, with his unique style attracting some wealthy buyers who wanted his original pieces to invest in. He also loves living in the same city as his beloved cousin from his mom's side, Dani Lorenzi and her two year old little boy, Benny.

Nick's loves all forms of art; drawing, painting, sketching, cartoons, and he can often be found randomly sketching people just to keep his hands occupied. He used to enjoy drama, singing and dancing in high school but it was more a hobby than anything. Nick's not exactly shy, but he has his nervous moments. He doubts himself and his abilities on occasion and has to keep reminding himself that it's a tough world full of challenges out there. He is a sweet and friendly guy, and will basically talk to anyone if they talk back. He does have a nerd streak with his love for comics and sci-fi movies, but he doesn't go into overdrive with it, but more for the artistic value of it than anything else. He expresses himself best through his art, and could previously be a little clueless and bashful with girls if the approach him to strike up a conversation. Going away and living in Italy, however, he really came into himself and got a cool confidence to him. He realised he was gay over there after some interesting experimentation that included a threesome and a couple of 'open' relationships.

By the time he came to New York for his job, Nick hadn't really had any serious relationships and just lives the life of a free-spiriting artist. He is a Type I diabetic, diagnosed when he was 16 and in high school after falling seriously sick at junior prom, and nearly scaring the shit out Maggie who was his date. It's controlled with insulin and Nick doesn't feel it particularly affects his life because he's used to it now. He is finding his feet in New York, and now fluent in Italian, meets a lot of interesting people both of his lines of work. His art has taken off and his studio gaining more interest every day, with even a few commissions from international buyers. Some part of him feels ready to settle down, but he also knows he will never just settle for anyone.

Nick is an Original Character for the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork

Muse & Mun both aged over 18 years. Original Character. Journal is for RP purposes only. PB is Luke Bilyk. For RP, muse writing and fun only.
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